Great Alterations

Make an old outfit “new”!

I love fashion, but unfortunately my love for clothes takes a hit on my bank account. So, instead of racking up credit card debt to satisfy my clothes addiction, I have started to take matters into my own hands by altering my clothes. That way my wardrobe stays fresh and updated, even if I can’t afford to buy new clothes every month.

Now I don’t claim to have any design skills. In fact, I shudder at what I did to improve err, destroy my clothes during my middle school years. I cut the sleeves off my t-shirts, I put holes in my jeans to get the “fashionable destroyed denim” look, and I also made some tye-dye errors too. Luckily, I only wore my preteen altered clothing for a few months during that awkward adolescent stage. Now, ten years later, I have experience sewing, hemming, and not to mention a more mature sense of style. So, armored with my sewing supplies in hand, I set out to update my wardrobe the old-fashioned and money-savvy way.

However, before making any rash alteration mistakes again, this time my clothing revisions were more calculated. First, I took an assessment of my clothes. I tried on everything and donated the clothes that didn’t fit anymore to the local Goodwill. I also put the clothes I still liked back in my closet, for safekeeping. But everything else was fair game for cutting, hemming, sewing and altering. For example, I took a pair of black dress pants and made them into dress capris, because I already had multiple pairs of black dress pants, but no black dress capris.

Then, I took my favorite pair of Victoria Secret sweatpants and filled in the spaces where the rhinestones were missing on the “PINK” logo. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cool bedazzler, but I was still able to find similar jeweled stones at Hobby Lobby. While they aren’t exactly the same as the original Victoria Secret stones, the sweatpants look a lot better now with the additon of the Hobby Lobby jeweled stones. And, I mostly wear those sweats for lounge wear around the house anyway.

Although I have only altered two articles of clothing, I have plans to turn one of my pattered sundresses into a skirt and turn a fitted jacket into a fitted vest. After that, I might even start sewing whole outfits, though that might be too ambitious for an amateur Project Runway wannabe like me.

While I still trek to the mall on a monthly basis, instead of always buying an eye-catching ensemble, now I am starting to get inspired by fashion. I’m catching myself thinking of ways I can recreate that look on my own instead of paying top price retail for a particular clothing item. And, I am even looking in fashion magazines for inspiration too. Because, even though I still prefer to buy clothes rather than make or alter my own clothes, this is the cheapest way to update my wardrobe, while I am still waiting to land a job in the real world. And, better yet, altering my clothes gives me something fun to do in the midst of job searching for hours and hours each day. Who knew this transition time between college and the working world would lead me to tap into my inner crafty side?

So tell me Love Twenty readers, have you ever altered your own clothes? Or, if you haven’t altered your own clothes, would you ever consider altering them for fun, or to save money?


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