Five Ways to a Better Workout Routine

Get in shape!

If you’re a gym regular you may notice some people around you that aren’t really working out. Running on the treadmill for two minutes isn’t doing anything and standing around chatting it up with a friend isn’t going to get rid of those love handles. You also may notice those people who leave the gym looking the same as when they walked in. Do you think you’re this person? Well, here are a few steps to get you on the right track to a sufficient workout.

Plan ahead.
Instead of wandering around the gym deciding what to do that day, make it easier for yourself and figure it out on your way there so you look like you know what you are doing.

Warm up and stretch before you start working out.

When you get to the gym find a place to sit and stretch out. Stretching the muscles that you plan on working out will minimize the chances of pulling a muscle during any strenuous exercises. You will also be less sore the following day. If you don’t plan on doing cardio that day, try a fast walk or run on the treadmill for five minutes to get the blood flowing.

If you plan on weight training, keep your cardio session to a minimum. It is important to burn calories and increase your stamina, but if you use weights before hitting the treadmill or vise-versa you may run out of energy. Try alternating days and focus on one thing per day.

Do sets and reps.

Keep track of how many times you’re lifting. Three sets is usually basic. Choose how many reps in each set you want to do. In order to see results, slowly begin to increase the amount of sets and reps you do. Alternate and change your exercises up, do not exercise the same body part for more then two days in a row.

Don’t push yourself. Your body won’t benefit from overdoing it. If you’re feeling fatigued and weak then stop and follow through next time.

By making these steps a habit, you’ll be on the right track to getting a proper workout. Just make sure you make exercising part of your everyday routine!


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