The Sun Is Out.. Time to Bring Out the Sunblock!

Get some sun without the harm!

Back in high school, my mother used to tell me that I should always wear sunscreen before I leave the house. I’m not gonna lie, I never did, and I regret being so lazy about it. Kids, always, always wear sunscreen wherever you go because it is seriously the best protection you will have against the sun’s harmful rays. Read more to find out!

I know it’s important to have that hot sun-kissed tan, but missing out on sunscreen is a big no-no. The United States receives a lot of sunlight, especially during the summer. Always bear in mind that the sun has major effects on the skin. I used to think wearing sunscreen was not mandatory, until I realized my skin had become a victim of the sun’s UV rays.

At the age of 50, I don’t want anyone to feel like they did not age gracefully and timelessly. There are always big risks to being out in the sun and not wearing protection – from skin cancer, to wrinkles, to early signs of aging, you name it. Short-term wise, you won’t feel the damage of the sun to your body, but long-term wise, you’d wish you wore sunscreen 24/7. I can’t stress enough that sunscreen can do a lot of good to your skin.
Always remember that it’s going to be quite difficult to hide imperfections caused by the sun when you’re a lot older. Please know that the sun will always get to you, whether you hide under the umbrella or wear your sunnies everyday. I do hope you will consider my advice and do yourself a great favor! You will be thanking me soon enough!

Cheers to warm sunlight and never-ending supplies of sunblock!

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