Bring Out the Kid in You : Halloween Outfits 101

Possibly a costume to avoid…

Halloween is an exciting time for everyone across the nation! People celebrate by trick or treating, partying until the break of dawn, and making orange juice and pumpkin decors. During the start of October, individuals have been creating, designing, and thinking of ideas for their outfits during this event.

To make this event even more exciting, people have thought of teaming up with friends or his/her significant other and walk around town with themed outfits. Click here to read about various kiddy themes that you can create in order to make this Halloween season a memorable one.

Power Rangers – Imagine, walking around the village while rocking a colorful body suit with all your friends. You’ll be making heads turn. This theme will make everyone reminisce about the childhood they once knew.

Disney Princesses / Princes – Didn’t you want to be a princess when you were a kid? Now’s the chance to become one with your friends and your significant other. You’ll look pretty, classy, and appealing to everyone!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – This theme is hilarious! Don’t forget to play the part when you’re having fun with your friends! Be bashful when you’re bashful, and grumpy when you’re grumpy! Take too many photos so you can laugh about your outfits after the event. Not a lot of people can pull this one, though. It needs 8 people to have a solid and realistic group!

Pokemon – Pokemon used to be our favorite tv show! Time to look cute and creative. This will be tough to do since the pokemons were created unique and out of this world. However, you won’t regret standing out from a crowd.

Ninja Turtles – This one will be easy peasy! You’ll finally be able to say that you’re a ninja… even just for a night!

Greek gods or goddesses – Ah, this one is a stunner! It’s minimalist and classy! You’ll love feeling powerful and beautiful all at the same time.

Ballerina – Look cute with all of your friends in that pink or blue tutu outfit! It’s my favorite and it’s not hard to create this outfit. Don’t forget to put a pink bow on your head!

Enjoy Halloween and try not to scare everybody! Look cute!


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