Go For Bold Brows

Bold and beautiful.

So long over-plucked brows! Ladies put down your tweezers because the new brow is beautiful, bold and thick. The eyebrow is back, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel all future waxing appointments. Here are some pointers for mastering the new look.

1. Shape Them
There is a big difference between a thick eyebrow and a bushy one. Whether you go to the salon or do-it-yourself, you still need to create a flattering shape. Take inspiration from ladies who proudly rock a statement brow from Old Hollywood icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, to modern stars like Keira Knightley and Jennifer Connelly. Eyebrows should still end at the tear duct and outer corner of the eye and the shape should follow your natural arch. Some people have straighter brows, others are more angled. Be proud of your shape and don’t try to change it. It will never look as good. Trust us!

2. Tame Them
Once you have a nice clean shape, cut any long hairs by brushing them straight up towards your hairline then trim them with a pair of cuticle scissors to give eyebrows a very manicured look. To finish apply a bit of gel to your brows so they will stay in place.

3. Emphasize Them
This step varies depending on your hair, skin color, and the density of the hair of your eyebrows. For instance if you are blond and fair skinned with naturally sparse eyebrows you will need to add more color to your brows than a brunette with naturally dense brows. No matter what your coloring is, ensure you pick a natural brow color. For lighter brows, don’t go more than two shades darker than your natural color or you’ll risk looking clownish. For girls with darker brows you can even get away with a brow color slightly lighter than your natural one for a less intense look. You should also consider whether you want a pencil, colored brow gel, or wax application since each has varying looks.

4. Compliment Them
You’ve got your eyebrows done; now you have to think about the rest of the face. For a dramatic evening look try adding a lot of brow color to your eyebrows and pairing it with a matte bold lipstick and a touch of mascara. For a daytime look, add a bit of color to your brows then add a nude eye shadow, bronzer and nude lip gloss for a monochromatic look. The key is not to go overboard with the rest of the eye. A striking brow plus smoky eye and false lashes can get you into drag queen territory.

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One Response to Go For Bold Brows

  1. Samantha M. says:

    AGREED!!!! – – – Thank you for posting about the brows! NOW, the tough part is growing them out! 😉

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