BRANDED Clothing Review (+ Giveaway News!)

You are going to fall in love.

BRANDED by Anderson Apparel not only has some of the most unique, eye-catching designs to bring the feel of high fashion into everyday life, but mixes those signature pieces with their own line of collegiate styles as well to make any college lady stand out on campus. Check out exactly what we thought of their designs and get information on how you can make them yours!

My goal in life is to be a fashionista on campus, so when Love Twenty gave me an opportunity to review two pieces for the fabulous clothing company BRANDED, how could I resist?

Texas Tech Cruise Dress, $95

The first piece I received was a cute black smock-like dress which is embroidered with a collegiate name, in this case Texas Tech. I attend Rutgers University, but I loved both the shape and design of the dress.

For fall, I’ve been trying to rock more pieces from the 70s flared jeans, orange and brown colors, as well as paisley and floral designs. This piece fell right into my new style inspiration for fall, as the embroidered design is so workable and the length is great for this season! I can throw this dress on when I’m running late to class (true story) and I can still make a statement.

This week I worked my new dress with a cute winter-inspired 3/4 length sweater, which worked with my eclectic style and matched the style of the dress. After I threw on my red scarf and my new brown boots, I had a great collegiate fall look! Especially since my school colors are red, black and white!

Blossoming Short, $44

The second piece are a fab pair of French Terry retro short shorts. They are uber-comfy and have a cute little flowery print on the pockets, the tie and inside! They are perfect for lounging around the dorm, watching TV and chilling with friends. They are a cute and flattering fit and literally almost anyone can rock them! Just ask my roommate, who volunteered to model my shorts and the super cute outfit I styled for her.

Fashion is so much fun, and BRANDED creates clothes that are great for the collegiate girls on the go! Girls who want clothes that are well made, and of course fashionistas like yours truly, love BRANDED so check them out!


Danielle Dress, $69

There’s a very good chance that I might be in love with this dress. It’s color-blocked look has been a must-have style for a while now, but it’s sometimes hard to find a cute dress that isn’t over-the-top with that design. This dress is simple, has great color, thick French Terry/100% cotton material, and has a shape that just begs to be played with. The v-neck also makes it easy to let it slide off to one shoulder to give the dress a whole new look.

Since the dress is wider, a belt makes a great addition to the ensemble. I chose a nude belt and matching nude heels that kept the look toned down, but then really make it pop when I added a bright attention-getting bag.

This dress is not only great for spring and summer, but can be dressed up with boots and tights for fall. It makes an awesome addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe!

Antique Cristin Tank, $47

Another fabulous staple to any twenty-something’s wardrobe should be a black tank. What’s great about this one is that BRANDED takes the pain ole’ black tank top to a whole new level and makes it completely fabulous for anyone who wants to make a statement.

The tank is trimmed in antique crochet lace, which gives it such a classy, romantic feel that no girl can resist. The modal/spandex fabric is definitely one of my favorite parts as well, as it’s softer than ever and creates a fit that cannot be beat.

Another aspect of this tank that makes it unbeatable is the elongated front and back portions. Pair this stunning top with a pair of skinny jeans or white shorts and you have an outfit that will have you feeling like the gorgeous woman you are.


Lucky for you, we’re having giveaway with BRANDED where there will be four lucky winners. Yes, four! You’ll have the chance to win one of these fabulous items to rock whenever you please.
In the meantime, check out BRANDED’s website to see all of their looks, including the ones we’ve reviewed above. Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook!

The giveaway will be announced soon so keep your eyes open, ladies!
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