Beat the Winter Blues: Go Have a Blast!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Everyone is on full-speed ahead because of the midterm season and we are quietly making our way into the “BER” months of 2011. Surely, you would want to start preparing for the cold weather by stocking up on food and bringing gallons of water inside your dorm room in case of emergency. Just in case you ever get stuck inside a building due to severe weather (hopefully not), I’ve listed some of my ideas on how to keep yourself busy, happy, and productive.

Imagine, the coldness of winter won’t let you out of your room and you have millions of exciting plans to do — what a boring day, right? NOT. You can still enjoy your days while chilling inside the comforts of your room with your floor-mates, food, and technology.
  1. TELL GHOST STORIES – You’ll have fun scaring each other out and you will all probably end up staying awake the whole time! It will be an opportunity to make your relationships with your peers stronger. Also, this activity will make you reminisce about your experiences with ghosts and the dark. Exciting, right?
  1. WATCH A MOVIE IN THE LOUNGE – Bring in the whole floor and watch the latest blockbuster hit! Don’t forget to use your microwave and pop tons of popcorn to keep you all company! There’s nothing better to do than stay in and be with others while watching Johnny Depp or Josh Duhamel on the big screen.
  1. EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN – Okay, you are excused for eating too much chocolates and too much junk food! Since you have no way of buying other food, you can eat all your stored food and share it with your friends. It’s a great way to have a buffet with the whole gang and catch up on each others’ lives.
  1. ORGANIZE YOUR ROOM – Since the school year has started, a lot has happened inside your room, for sure. Do yourself a favor and fix your closet, clean up your table, and arrange your shoes. That way when any of your dorm mates want to visit, you will be confident with your new sparkly room.
  1. CATCH UP ON SOME HOMEWORK – Productivity at its finest! Read your notes and do your homework so when the weather is okidoki for you to come out, you will be prepared to answer all your professor’s questions and ace your exams! Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this one.
  1. SKYPE CALL WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS – Update them with your situation so they won’t be worrying too much about you! It will also be fun to tell them all about the activities you’ve been doing while inside your dorm or apartment. You can also show them your organized room!
  1. EXERCISE – Keep the flabs away by exercising and dancing while it’s freezing cold outside. You can put your itunes or ipod on and feel the beat of the music. In no time, you will be an expert dancer or gym instructor (okay, maybe not)
  1. EDIT PHOTOS – Time to use your creativity by learning the tips and tricks of Photoshop. This will enhance your skill and your photos will look like they’re ready for the pages of a magazine! Upload them on your social networks so the world will learn about your talent with editing or your exciting times in college.
  1. SLEEP – For sure you’ve been so busy with Economics and Anthropology that you’ve forgotten the word ‘sleep’. Go snuggle with your teddy bear and sleep for at least 8 hours! Your skin will look refreshed and you will be ready to face winter head-on!
  1. ORGANIZE A THEMED PARTY INSIDE YOUR DORM – It’s about to be Halloween once again! Enjoy your time with your friends by partying until the break of dawn with cute outfits and killer heels! It’s not everyday that you can gather up the whole dorm residents and party like it’s the end of the world. Use the weather as a reason to get together.
What are your ways of beating boredom when stuck inside on a cold day?
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