Inter-Office Relationships: To Date or Not to Date

Well that’s cute… for now.

With demanding schedules leaving our social lives in a lull, the easiest place to find a relationship or even love is in the workplace. After all, you have 8 hours a day to get to know one another, projects to work on late at night, and cocktails to share during happy hour. But inter-office relationships can get messy – and fast.

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Unfortunately, you can’t help who you fall for. So if you do happen to develop a “thing” with a cute techie on the third floor, go for it but proceed with caution. Heed these warnings and decide if the butterflies are still really worth it.

1. Post Break-Up Awkwardness – More than likely, you want to be able to move up in your job. If you start to develop a relationship with a coworker and things go sour, the break-up could make working on future projects difficult. It could also make the quality of your work poor, hurting your chances for a future promotion.

2. Inter-Office Jealousy
– You may be heading out for date night with the guy in the cube beside you but the girl in the corner office might want him too. If you let the rest of the office know you’re an item, the tension between you two will be palpable. It’ll make constructive criticism that much harder to swallow and be honest with yourself: is it really worth the dirty glares on her way to the water fountain?

3. Temptation
– There are going to be times when you want to jump your guys bones. But in a work atmosphere, that’s so not appropriate. The commercials you see with coworkers fooling around in the printer room without a consequence? That’s hardly ever the case. Your fellow office-mates will catch on and you’ll face the repercussions.

4. Policies – Most companies don’t even allow inter-office romances. If your Human Resources department forbids it, then sneaking around may not be worth it. You might end up with the guy, but the both of you may also end up without a job.

Once you’ve done your research and decided whether or not a relationship with a coworker is for you, take the necessary measures to carry it out. If you’re not into it, address the boundaries early on. If you are, keep it professional. Your job and your social life depend on it.

Have you ever had an inter-office romance?


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