Look Out for Kenny Wormald!

So much cuter than Kevin Bacon!

If you haven’t seen Footloose yet, it’s a must for Fall 2011! Everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with Kenny Wormald — the actor who played Ren MacCormack. Find out why we love this up-and-coming hottie!

Writer Dean Pitchford took his original movie and put a modern twist on this fun remake. Not only did this movie do well in the box office during the premiering weekend, but actor Kenny Wormald also became the latest buzz. With Footloose being the first big hit of his career, we will sure be seeing his face more often.

Even though he is a fresh face in the movie scene, he is not new to the dancing scene. Having started lessons at 6 years old, Kenny has danced in videos for Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, and Mariah Carey. He also toured with Justin Timberlake, who dropped Kenny’s name to the Footloose director, Craig Brewer. Kenny also danced in a few episodes of Glee, including the very popular Lady Gaga episode.

Even though Kenny Wormald is strictly a dancer, his acting pulled through in Footloose. Originally, the director wanted Zac Efron for the part, and then signed on Chase Crawford…hard to picture anyone else in the movie right? The great thing about Kenny, is that he was able not only able to act the part, but he didn’t need any dance doubles to do the moves! Footloose set the mark high for the newly found actor, he is now beginning to take in all the attention. He tweeted, “I’m loving all the marriage proposals I’ve received via twitter!!! YES, I DO. Let’s go to Vegas”…how cute is he?!

Follow Kenny on Twitter to keep up with his every move!


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