Randy Wayne’s Bucket List!

Helloooo, Randy Wayne.

You may have seen him in ABC’s newest hit show, The Lying Game, or co-starring alongside Kat Graham in Honey 2 (click for a shirtless video!), but either way, once you see this face you don’t forget it. Find out what 5 things Randy told us should be on every twenty-something’s bucket list.

When we asked Randy Wayne what should be on your bucket list, this is what he said:

1. Face your biggest fears. Afraid of heights? Go sky diving, bungee jumping, repelling, etc.. It’s invigorating. Afraid of spiders? Punch one in the face.

2. Experience another world and don’t talk about yourself. Whether a small village in Fiji or even a couple days scuba diving. Watch and be amazed at the simplicity.

3. Build something from scratch. One might be surprised at how simple it can be, but how accomplished it will make you feel.

4. Do stand-up comedy. Scary, Nerve-racking, but freeing.

5. Learn to surf. Once you get the hang of it, there’s not much more that’s zen-like and exciting at the same time.

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And, just because we’re nice:
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