Interesting Halloweekend Costumes

That’s, uh, cute.
Now that Halloweekend is over and we’re back to the regular programming, I’ve come up with a list of the most interesting costumes I’ve encountered for the past 3 days. Sitting down on a corner and watching people get off the bus or go from house to house was extremely entertaining and hilarious. Some costumes were very creative, while others were intensely out of this world.

Halloween is a grand celebration throughout the various schools and universities in the United States and abroad. It is really exciting to see how people’s minds work when it comes to creating the best Halloween costume they can think of. Here are my top picks :
AQUARIUM – I know of a girl who decided to cover herself up in bubble wrap and attach small papers that were designed to make her look like a fish. She looked so cute and I loved that she used recyclable materials to create her outfit for the night. She was the only girl at the party wearing an aquarium idea.
BROADWAY DANCERS – I absolutely loved the group that decided to be Broadway dancers. They had colorful flowy dresses and red feathers to complete their outfits! They were also wearing various styled tights which looked even more artistic.
ANGRY BIRDS – I don’t know how people designed their bird masks, but it looked exactly like the angry birds from our iPod games. They were all red birds and they were too fun to look at.

TINKER BELL – I’m a huge fan of Tinker Bell, so when I saw someone who looked exactly like her, I squealed. It takes a lot of effort to get dressed exactly like her because you need to find the right pieces, but someone pulled it off last night and I was glad.
SAILOR MOON – Looking at these girls pleased my eyes. I grew up with Sailor Moon and their outfits were beyond usual. Of course, the girls pulled it off and even had wigs on! It was so exciting to see that people have not forgotten about their childhood memories.

Did you see other funny and exciting costumes this weekend?


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