Makeup Colors that Work on Everyone

Any color — just pick a shade!

There can be a lot of trial-and-error involved in trying to figure out which makeup colors suit you. It doesn’t help much when they’re classified as warm, cool or neutral and you have no idea which category you fall under. So we’ve come up with a list of universally flattering colors and tips for finding your perfect shade and no we’re not talking about brown!

1. Blue
Don’t write blue off as being too eighties. Frosted blue isn’t the only shade of blue. A pale,
silvery blue gives fair-skinned blondes an ethereal look. A bit of cobalt liner makes a statement on medium or olive-skinned ladies. Navy is an unexpected choice for a smoky eye and looks fab on dark skin or brown-eyed girls.

2. Green
Green proves that bold colors can be just as flattering as neutral shadows. For those with light skin, try a moss green or pastel mint. To bring out hazel eyes try a shadow with gold flecks. For medium to dark skin, try emerald for evening and khaki for day.

3. Purple
Purple is a great color to wear because it enhances your eyes no matter what color they are.
Lilac looks great with blue eyes, royal purple is amazing on hazel, green or brown eyed girls with medium or olive skin and plum looks great on dark skinned ladies with dark eyes.

4. Red
There is a red lipstick out there for everyone but if you plan on wearing red on your eyes forget it since it’s flattering on no one. A blue-based red works on a multitude of skin tones because it makes teeth look whiter minus the Whitestrips. Soft reds or roses are ideal for those with pale skin. True reds work with medium skin tones, while burgundy or blood red enhance darker complexions.

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