Single Bedroom 101 : How To Stay Happy in Your Dorm!

Make your room a home!

So you’re living in the dorm, but in a single room? No problem! You’ll still have a grand time despite being alone inside your dorm room. Think of it this way: You will have the room all to yourself. You can dance until the break of dawn, sing until the sunrise, and exercise until you’re feeling your abs! Here are a few ways to have fun even if you don’t have a sleepover buddy every night.

Mingle with your neighbors – You need to find friends, so go knock on other people’s doors and spend time with them. When you’re bored, invite them over to crash inside your room. You’ll never run out of friends when it comes to your floormates!
Study in the lounge – Another way to meet friends and entertain yourself is by studying in your dorm’s lounge. People use that as a common place to chill and chat. Plus, there’s a TV waiting for you!
Move freely in your own room – Wear whatever you want to wear and do whatever you want to do. Stay up until 4am and no one will be disturbed. Hit Skye and chat with your friends back home!

Eat out – You’ll find lots of people in the dining halls that you can have small conversations with. Also, it’s a good way to flush your boredom away. Eating makes everything feel better.

Organize your room – make it look like your house. Since you’ll be having a lot of space, put in a mini library or add a sofa. You will be glad you’re living in a single bedroom for one year. Make the most of it!


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2 Responses to Single Bedroom 101 : How To Stay Happy in Your Dorm!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I live in an apartment with a roommate now, and honestly I liked having a single dorm room better than the situation I'm in now. Yes, I had to share a kitchen and a bathroom with my floor, but I felt like i had a lot more privacy in the single dorm room than in my bedroom in my apartment.

  2. Marian says:

    I have a single and I love it! I can decorate any way I want to and it gives me an excuse to go visit people in other dorms & apartments!

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