Heartthrobs: Links We Love!

Is stubble really that awful?

We have a collection of links that you will go crazy over. From the things no guy notices that drive you absolutely bonkers, to receiving those awful group texts, to finding the perfect party dress, we have you covered!

Think your guy notices a little leg stubble? Think again. Discover 8 things about you that probably drive you crazy, but your man doesn’t even think twice about. [All Women Stalk]

Hate it when you receive a text saying “hey cutie,” only to realize it was sent to 10 other people? Yeah, us too. All of us have been victims of the group text. [The College Crush]

Get Beyonce’s killer style… at barely any cost at all. It even includes cheetah print! Purrrrr. [CollegeCandy]

It’s that time of the year again… time to start looking for that perfect holiday party dress! Well ladies, look no further. [College Fashion]

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