Tired of Being Lonely?

A smile would look so much better.

You might think feeling lonely can only hurt you emotionally, but a new study shows that being alone could hurt you in the bedroom too – and not in the way you think. Loneliness can impact your feeling of insecurity, and in turn, impact how well you sleep.

The study, done by researchers at the Department of Health Studies at the University of Chicago, shows a strong relationship between loneliness and restless sleep. It has been known that loneliness can have an adverse effect on health, and researchers wanted to delve deeper into how sleep is impacted by this feeling.

Sleep is a key component in staying healthy, and the amount of sleep that is actually interrupted for a lonely person is no coincidence. Out of the 95 adults tested, higher loneliness scores were linked directly to higher levels of fragmented sleep. Even though the amount of sleep and the degree of daytime drowsiness were not linked to feeling alone, having a restless night’s sleep is enough to ruin your day and slow you down.

The probable reason for the connection is the desire to feel secure in whatever social environment you might be in–and the subconscious way your insecurities show in your daily routine. Even if you are not aware how lonely you are feeling, it comes out when you are not even thinking about it.

Numerous nights of restless sleep will catch up to you and start to impact how you live your life while you are awake. People, especially young, busy women like us, often forget the importance of a good night’s rest. When you are even a little drowsy, you are not at the top of your game–no matter how good you think you are at running on little to no sleep. Often times it seems like a challenge to “pull-an-all-nighter” or figure out the least amount of sleep needed to stay awake and get things done. Be careful not to squeeze so much into one day on poor sleep. You might not realize it, but you will get a lot more quality work done on a full, uninterrupted sleep schedule.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to avoid feeling solitary, and more often than not, this feeling comes out at night when you are in bed alone. Without someone by your side, it is inevitable to feel on your own, but such insecurities should not get so out of hand that they impact your health. There is nothing wrong with longing for a companion, but sometimes all it takes is a little thinking in the right direction to get your feelings back on track.

If you believe your loneliness could be affecting your sleep cycle, create a nightly routine to ease your mind. Just like brushing your teeth, make sure to go through a list of all the people in your life who are close to you and care for you–not just lovers, but family and friends too. Once you give it a good thought, chances are, you are not as close to as lonely as you think. Young women sometimes feel if they do not have a significant other, they are “alone”, but anyone in your life who loves you is one less reason to feel lonely.


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