When to Raid Your BF’s Closet

His or hers… or both?

A lot of womenswear is based on menswear designs, so why not go straight to the source and utilize what your boyfriend has in his closet? We’ve compiled a list of items that will look as good on you as they do on him…so he won’t mind if you borrow them indefinitely!

1. Button Downs
Sometimes his button down can be more versatile than yours. They key is to make it look intentional and not look like you’re doing the walk-of-shame. Cuff the sleeves if they’re too long and wear it open with a tank underneath and leggings. For another look, try buttoning it up and wearing it underneath a cropped sweater so the hem peaks out.

Try: H&M Button Down

2. Hats
Got a guy who has a hat collection that would rival Bruno Mars’s? Take advantage of it! There is not as much variance in hat sizes as there are in clothing sizes, so chances are one of his hats
will fit you. A floppy knit hat or a beanie is a great unisex hat because they stretch to accommodate any head size, big or small. As for baseball caps, leave those for him, unless you’re going for a jog or to a sporting event.

Try: Topman Bowler Hat

3. Briefcases/Satchels
There are bags made for guys and, no, they’re not all murses. The men’s bag section can sometimes rival the women’s. A guy’s chunky leather briefcase would be your perfect weekend or gym bag. They have great structure and, unlike a lot of our bags, aren’t adorned with logos and prints, so they work with a multitude of things in your closet.

Try: Zara Briefcase

4. Chunky Watch
For those girls who want a watch that has major impact, try borrowing your man’s. The bigger face and chunky band create as much drama on your wrist as a statement cuff, so you won’t have to accessorize as much. Just be careful that the watch is not too loose. You don’t want to have to replace it because it slipped off your hand during dinner!

Try: Guess Watch
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