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Rise Above Your Meal Plans, Kiddos

You call that healthy? C’mon, now. Dorm room – check. Roommate – check. Class schedules – check. Meal plan – what is that? Yes, freshmen and transfer students are going to finally experience the infamous meal plans that cause the … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Basics for the University Go-Getter

What to wear? My suit has been dry-cleaned more times than my jeans have been washed this past few weeks, so I’ve decided it’s time to put my foot down and build a grown- up, mini-wardrobe that can get me … Continue reading

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Beat That F and Get Your Quatro Grade!

Fail? Never! What do you do when you get your first F in college? A.) Cry your heart out. B.) Comfort yourself with ice cream and sweets. C.) Lock yourself inside your room until you’ve mastered the book. D.) Talk … Continue reading

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What’s Worth Eating?

Eat healthy! When you’re constantly on the go, it’s hard to eat right. Maybe it’s time to slow down a bit and think before you grab that fancy coffee drink. Not only do our dietary choices affect our body — … Continue reading

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Single Bedroom 101 : How To Stay Happy in Your Dorm!

Make your room a home! So you’re living in the dorm, but in a single room? No problem! You’ll still have a grand time despite being alone inside your dorm room. Think of it this way: You will have the … Continue reading

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Barbie Controversy: What’s Your Opinion?

Too racy for kids? Barbie is always viewed as being the perfect role model for young girls, but what if we grew up playing with a Barbie that had tattoos?  This newest Barbie doll by Mattel and Tokidoki, has caused … Continue reading

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Rock the Trend: Brightly Colored Denim

Break out from those boring denim skinnies! From brilliant blues to radiant reds, the colored denim trend is by far the most eye-catching style this season. Winter is fast approaching but these trendy jeans are just heating up! Brightly colored jeans … Continue reading

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