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Your Guide to Online Shopping

I could use a new pair of shoes… The advancement of technology has aided us in answering homework questions, contacting friends, and networking with job employers. There are millions of things to do while online, and that includes the newest … Continue reading

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Rise Above Your Meal Plans, Kiddos

You call that healthy? C’mon, now. Dorm room – check. Roommate – check. Class schedules – check. Meal plan – what is that? Yes, freshmen and transfer students are going to finally experience the infamous meal plans that cause the … Continue reading

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Beat That F and Get Your Quatro Grade!

Fail? Never! What do you do when you get your first F in college? A.) Cry your heart out. B.) Comfort yourself with ice cream and sweets. C.) Lock yourself inside your room until you’ve mastered the book. D.) Talk … Continue reading

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Single Bedroom 101 : How To Stay Happy in Your Dorm!

Make your room a home! So you’re living in the dorm, but in a single room? No problem! You’ll still have a grand time despite being alone inside your dorm room. Think of it this way: You will have the … Continue reading

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You Won’t be Going Home for Thanksgiving, Eh?

You go, girl! Thanksgiving break is just around the corner. Everyone’s busy making plans with high school friends and family members while packing all the items needed for the one whole week of vacation and reunions. If you’re that person … Continue reading

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Interesting Halloweekend Costumes

That’s, uh, cute. Now that Halloweekend is over and we’re back to the regular programming, I’ve come up with a list of the most interesting costumes I’ve encountered for the past 3 days. Sitting down on a corner and watching … Continue reading

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Beat the Winter Blues: Go Have a Blast!

Baby, it’s cold outside! Everyone is on full-speed ahead because of the midterm season and we are quietly making our way into the “BER” months of 2011. Surely, you would want to start preparing for the cold weather by stocking … Continue reading

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