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Online Sources for Picking or Changing Your Major

Cut out the stress of picking a major. After having one of the ever-popular “what-am-going-to-do-with-my-life?” crises I went to my college’s career-services office. They were uber-helpful in guiding my career research and led me to some excellent online resources for … Continue reading

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Beating the New Hire Stress

Tired of feeling like the “new girl”? For many of us, finding a job (let alone a good job that we enjoy) is the constant battle. In today’s tough economy, it can take dozens of submitted resumes, countless interviews, and … Continue reading

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Fun Exam-Time Stress Relievers

Need a study break? Three tests, two quizzes, one paper, zero fun — that’s usually the way things work around exam time. The library becomes a second home and coffee becomes the new water. Stress is at all-time high, and … Continue reading

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Find, Snap, Make Money

Easy money? What if there was a way to make extra money, simply by snapping a few photos with your iPhone in locations you already frequently visit on a day to day basis? No going out of your way, long … Continue reading

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Goals Every College Student Should Have

If only it were this simple. Starting college and being away from home is intimidating enough, not to mention being surrounded by all of involved, successful students. Getting overwhelmed is normal, but instead of constantly thinking about everything that has … Continue reading

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Parting Gifts for Your Supervisor

Who doesn’t love a gift? After a semester-long internship or perhaps longer, you’ve got your “Thank You!” card ready and your final assignments handed in. But while it’s assumed you’ll hand these over, a little something extra never hurts – … Continue reading

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How to Score an Internship via Social Media

Tweet, tweet! You can use your career center, search career sites, and get in touch with the contacts you’ve made from past internships. But did you know that you can also score an internship with the help of Twitter? Social … Continue reading

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