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Inter-Office Relationships: To Date or Not to Date

Well that’s cute… for now. With demanding schedules leaving our social lives in a lull, the easiest place to find a relationship or even love is in the workplace. After all, you have 8 hours a day to get to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Summer in the City

Cute cover, much? Candace Bushnell has done it again. In another true-to-life novel about Carrie Bradshaw’s adventures in New York City, Bushnell captures the ferocity, fashion faux pas, and love-stricken grief of the beloved character that made us fall head-over-heels … Continue reading

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Music Crush: The Script

Yeah, now you’re crushin’ too. Bands can often be around for years before they’re finally discovered. And when it does happen, it takes time for the media to latch on and make a name for them the way they’ve done … Continue reading

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Parting Gifts for Your Supervisor

Who doesn’t love a gift? After a semester-long internship or perhaps longer, you’ve got your “Thank You!” card ready and your final assignments handed in. But while it’s assumed you’ll hand these over, a little something extra never hurts – … Continue reading

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How to Score an Internship via Social Media

Tweet, tweet! You can use your career center, search career sites, and get in touch with the contacts you’ve made from past internships. But did you know that you can also score an internship with the help of Twitter? Social … Continue reading

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When Your Dreams Change Course…

Hey, a girl can dream. As little girls, we dream of what we want to be; a singer, a hairdresser, a princess. And for some of us, those aspirations stick. We spend years taking music lessons, chopping the hair on … Continue reading

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Love Your Locks

But I want her hair! You know what they say — you want what you can’t have. You’re born with blonde hair, you want brunette. You were blessed with curls, you want pin-straight strands. But little do you know, someone … Continue reading

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How to Get Over a Break-Up

Your break-up bff. It feels like the end of the world. The day you break up with your boyfriend, or he breaks up with you, you wonder how you’ll ever go on when the person who meant the most is … Continue reading

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Beyonce’s #4 is #1

Who wouldn’t want to be B? Fierce moves, insane pipes, and undeniable diva-tude. You know who I’m talking about – Beyonce Knowles. Not only does this soulful singer have a knock-out body, a healthy marriage, and a multi-billion dollar empire, … Continue reading

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Jersey Shore: Season Premiere Review

…and they’re back! I’m not a TV junkie by any means. But every Thursday evening at 10pm, I flip the channel to MTV in order to tune in to my guilty pleasure, The Jersey Shore. You can imagine my excitement … Continue reading

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