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Your Guide to Online Shopping

I could use a new pair of shoes… The advancement of technology has aided us in answering homework questions, contacting friends, and networking with job employers. There are millions of things to do while online, and that includes the newest … Continue reading

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8 Songs to Keep You Going During Exam Time

Get ready for exams! Exam season is approaching and, as expected, every professor has scheduled an exam within the same two-day period. Keep yourself going all night with these energizing tunes that will ward off sleep and keep you focused … Continue reading

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Barbie Controversy: What’s Your Opinion?

Too racy for kids? Barbie is always viewed as being the perfect role model for young girls, but what if we grew up playing with a Barbie that had tattoos?  This newest Barbie doll by Mattel and Tokidoki, has caused … Continue reading

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Interesting Halloweekend Costumes

That’s, uh, cute. Now that Halloweekend is over and we’re back to the regular programming, I’ve come up with a list of the most interesting costumes I’ve encountered for the past 3 days. Sitting down on a corner and watching … Continue reading

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Justin Timberlake’s Music Comeback

Boyband cutie, singer, actor…rapper? Who knew that the next music video Justin Timberlake would be in he would be rapping? Former ‘NSYNC member turned solo artist, turned actor…turned rapper? Justin Timberlake surprised fans recently when he was featured as a … Continue reading

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The Art of the Birthday Speech

Speech! Speech! I’m getting to that time in life when all of my friends are turning 21. This has generally involved a party every weekend, a lot of dancing (Grease Megamix, anyone?), a lot of outfit coordination, a lot of … Continue reading

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Look Out for Kenny Wormald!

So much cuter than Kevin Bacon! If you haven’t seen Footloose yet, it’s a must for Fall 2011! Everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with Kenny Wormald — the actor who played Ren MacCormack. Find out why … Continue reading

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