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Avoid the Early-Semester Slump!

Feeling like this? It’s been about a month since classes started, and you’ve fully settled into a comfortable routine of work, socializing, sleep, and working out. You’ve already written a paper and a taken a test, and things are looking … Continue reading

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What Every College Girl Needs in Her Closet

Now the hard part is justchoosing what to wear! It’s back to school time again, and in the midst of packing up all your stuff for college, you may be panicking: “Will these clothes last me all semester?” Never fear, … Continue reading

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I Tried It: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

$9 for a salon manicure? Yes, please! Do you find yourself adding yet another coat of polish to your chipped nails every few days? Or, even worse, going bare because you can’t maintain a colorful polish? Instead of shelling out … Continue reading

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Time to Hit the Road: Tips for a Smooth Trip

Nothin’ quite like a wide-open road! Picture this – you come home from college for the summer, and soon pack up everything you own and load it all into your car. Then, you drive across the country to a new … Continue reading

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How to Survive the End of the Semester

I can taste summer already. It’s that time of year again— the weather is warm, you have to dodge Frisbees while walking across the quad, everyone is talking about their plans for this summer, and the professors are reminding you … Continue reading

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The Switch to Soy (Milk, That Is)

Moo juice no ‘mo. When I went home for Thanksgiving, I was caught off-guard by a major change in our house. No, my parents hadn’t converted my room to a guest room or given away our dogs, but when I … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Enjoy Spring

Wake up and smell the flowers. Guess what ladies? Spring (and warm weather) has finally arrived! For the first time in months we can shed those thick sweaters and show off our legs— but where to start? Here are some … Continue reading

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