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Tired of Being Lonely?

A smile would look so much better. You might think feeling lonely can only hurt you emotionally, but a new study shows that being alone could hurt you in the bedroom too – and not in the way you think. … Continue reading

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Rise Above Your Meal Plans, Kiddos

You call that healthy? C’mon, now. Dorm room – check. Roommate – check. Class schedules – check. Meal plan – what is that? Yes, freshmen and transfer students are going to finally experience the infamous meal plans that cause the … Continue reading

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What’s Worth Eating?

Eat healthy! When you’re constantly on the go, it’s hard to eat right. Maybe it’s time to slow down a bit and think before you grab that fancy coffee drink. Not only do our dietary choices affect our body — … Continue reading

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Play With Your Food

Seriously. Put it on your face. I’ve been on the healthy side of life for about a year now, and, looking back, I’m both pleased and astonished to realize how what I once considered extremely challenging and inconvenient (eating healthy, … Continue reading

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The Secret is Out – Healthy Pumpkin Cookies!

Is your mouth watering yet? Most families have that one recipe, that one secret that no one else can get ahold of. For me growing up, this recipe is my mother’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. The elation my sister and … Continue reading

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These Little Beans Pack a Big, Nutritious Punch

Delicious and nutricious! Ever hear the saying: big things come in small packages? Well, this statement holds true when it comes to a tiny bean that packs a huge punch of nutritional benefits. The only problem is, the flavor content … Continue reading

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Morning After Pill 101: From a Girl Who’s Taken it 4 Times

When Plan A fails, resort to Plan B. OK, so you slipped up. Maybe the condom broke. Maybe you forgot to take your birth control… for the third day in a row. Maybe things got a little out of hand … Continue reading

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