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Why Now is The Time to Become BFF’s With Your Mom

Motherly Love! She was right next to you Facebook stalking your soon-to-be roommate and saying, “She looks like a lovely girl.” She was there giving you tissues when your first love broke your heart. She was the first person you … Continue reading

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Trending this Fall: Cosby Sweaters

Comfy, Cosby & Cool! Now that New York Fashion Week has passed, it means we are ready to put away the flip fops and start planning our fall wardrobe. Fall is a great time for fashion because you can mix … Continue reading

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Why You Should Still Love HANSON!

Yep. They’re still cute as ever. Yes I am talking about Hanson; Zac, Issac and Taylor, the MmmBopping boys from Tulsa, Oklahoma that captured the hearts of millions of teenaged girls in the late 90s. While many of you may … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from the Jersey Shore

Snooks shows ’em how it’s done. I’m from Jersey, specifically South Jersey, and I’ll proudly tell anyone that. While I’m very proud to be from the great “Garden State,” more recently I’ve been unhappy with the assumptions of Jerseyans. The … Continue reading

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