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New Media: Long Distance Relationships

The heart knows no distance. What do you do if you fall in love with someone who lives far away? Is a healthy relationship possible despite distance? Or should you just try and forget about that person? I have never … Continue reading

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Gambling: No Jackpot After All

Looks pretty, but the after effect isn’t. Gambling has a devastating effect to those in their early twenties that are new to it. Many twenty-somethings don’t realize just how serious gambling can be. Once some people start, it’s a hard … Continue reading

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Twilight Bad Boy Goes Blonde?

Let me wake up from this nightmare. O.M.G. What was he thinking? 28-year-old Twilight co-star, Cam Gigandet, recently died his hair bleach blonde. Let’s just say he went from sexy vampire to Spencer Pratt in a matter of minutes. Was … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Finals?

Go study. You know you don’t want to. Finals are coming up for college students, and most of us are freaking out. Many of us need to consider whether we had a hard time in our classes this semester. Was … Continue reading

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The Truth About Tanning

Bake at 100° for 20 minutes. The next time you think hopping into a tanning bed is a good idea, think again. We all know the dangers of “baking” ourselves to a crisp, but most of us do it anyways. … Continue reading

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