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The Things I Don’t Miss About College

It’s really not that bad! Let’s be honest. College was amazing. I’ve been out for two years and I still miss it sometimes. I miss my friends and wish we weren’t scattered across the country. I miss sleeping until 10 … Continue reading

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Life is Not Like Grey’s Anatomy: How to Take Control of Your Health

Come to my rescue, please. Wouldn’t it be nice if going to the doctor was like how it is on House or Grey’s Anatomy? You’d have a whole team of people who know every detail of your medical history. They’d … Continue reading

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How to Make His Family Love You

Wellll, this isn’t how I imagined it… I will admit, I have a tendency for the dramatic. With that said, the night before I met my boyfriend’s family I literally could not sleep. This may be an extreme reaction, but … Continue reading

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The Boyfriend Diet

Is it bad that I’m drooling? If you’ve been in a relationship, you’re probably (unfortunately) aware of The Boyfriend Diet. It’s is when your guy wants to go out to eat, get candy at the movies, get an order of cheese … Continue reading

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What You Can Learn From Celebrity Break-Ups

Zanessa no ‘mo. If you’re like me, you consume your fair share of celebrity gossip. Unfortunately, a lot of this news consists of updates about which power couple is lawyering up for a nasty divorce, or which cute, long-term couple … Continue reading

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What You Can Learn From the Royal Wedding

Now that’s bling. I spent a semester abroad in London, and because of this I consider myself practically a British citizen. Naturally, I love reading details about the upcoming nuptials between William and Kate. I recently read a report that … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Have it All

If they can do it, so can we! How to Balance Friendships with the Boring Things That Must Get Done Once you get past the age of 13 or so, life starts to get busy. Really busy. In fact, sometimes … Continue reading

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