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What I’ve Learned from Laying My Heart on the Line… and Failing

It’s easier said than done. “Don’t be afraid to fail … Be afraid not to try.” These words ring true for almost everything in life, especially in love. This statement and Adele’s beautiful and emotionally-driven track “One and Only,” are … Continue reading

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Face-to-Face With Your Ex: Now What?

Run-ins with an ex? Not so fun. We all know that breakups are never easy… but having to see your ex after the breakup may be harder than you think it will be. So, how do you deal? So you’ve … Continue reading

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Communicating Leads to a Better Relationship

Are you listening? The key to having a successful relationship is being able to communicate with one another, and if it’s not the most important thing in your relationship…maybe it should be. Conflict is never the problem in a relationship, … Continue reading

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Why Now is The Time to Become BFF’s With Your Mom

Motherly Love! She was right next to you Facebook stalking your soon-to-be roommate and saying, “She looks like a lovely girl.” She was there giving you tissues when your first love broke your heart. She was the first person you … Continue reading

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Meet Madonna’s Latest Project – Wallis Simpson

Not your average love story. In a couple of months, Madonna will be returning to movie screens across the world. If you weren’t a fan of Swept Away, stress less – this time she will be taking a seat behind … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why a Geek Makes the Best Boyfriend

That bow tie is kinda cute… Admit it ladies, you tend to overlook the geek. He’s most likely rocking a pair of glasses and a collared button-down shirt while he’s reading a textbook on quantum physics. Sure, he might be … Continue reading

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When You Don’t Get Along With Your Boyfriend’s Roommate

I’m totally winning. My freshman year of college I was invited along on a sushi outing with one of my sorority sisters and two guys she worked with. I hit it off surprisingly well with one of them and we … Continue reading

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How to Be a Great Girlfriend

Keep the romance alive! I like to pride myself on being a great girlfriend, even though I’m not perfect. No one is. But I do have some tips on being an amazing girl when he treats you like a princess! … Continue reading

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Recycled Relationships: Yay or Nay?

Should we start again? Most of us remember our high school days of “recycled relationships”– those couples that were always breaking up and getting back together. In high school, “recycled relationships” are to be expected. However, I have recently realized … Continue reading

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What to Do When Your Ex Wants Your Back

You want me back now? Last night, an ex-boyfriend of mine reached out to me and I decided to respond because I do consider us to be friends. However, instead of a friendly conversation, he wanted to talk about us … Continue reading

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