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A Few of My Favorite Things!

Watch those fingernails I am in no way a fashonista or a makeup/accessories pro…but I do have fabulous taste, and have selected a few products that I would love to share with the amazing Love Twenty readers!  Some of these products … Continue reading

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Mr. Right Now

Keep him or send him on his way? What happens when you are in your early to mid-twenties, and you meet a guy that you find entertaining and enjoy his company, but does not seem like the type you will … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Such a Friendly Neighbor

Awkward, much? When we moved out of our parent’s homes after high school, we were thrown into the world of co-ed dorms and apartments.  Living with/next door/down the hall/ from the opposite sex can be a blast, especially when first … Continue reading

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Post-Grad Blues

Well, now what? Many of us go to college and have the best four years of our lives, but then what?  Back when our mothers were our age, the next step was typically finding a husband and raising a family. … Continue reading

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Post Interview Paranoia (PIP)

Keep telling yourself that. 😉 We have all had it.  It’s like going on a date with a guy you really like and then replaying the dinner in your head over and over again, wishing you hadn’t acted like such … Continue reading

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Why Do They Do That?

Like slathering a fillet with ketchup… ruins it! I in no way have all the answers here ladies, but perhaps I can give some insight as to why the opposite sex does the weird things that they do.  If I … Continue reading

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Is Chivalry Dead?

You better open my door. Well… hate to break it to you, but our generation has fueled the fire to this unfortunate, and sad but true saying. For the most part, instead of being taken on dates, we are asked … Continue reading

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