Rise Above Your Meal Plans, Kiddos

You call that healthy? C’mon, now.

Dorm room – check. Roommate – check. Class schedules – check. Meal plan – what is that? Yes, freshmen and transfer students are going to finally experience the infamous meal plans that cause the Freshman 15…or maybe even the Freshman 30. But don’t worry, I’ve got the deals to keep the weight gain to a minimum.

So far, I’ve had 2 weeks of pizza, pasta, burgers and buffets… 34 more weeks to go! In the first few days, I think I’ve gained a few pounds because of all the calories and junk food that have been going inside my stomach. I actually panicked, and called my mom, and ranted about how I’m going to be stick thin no more by the end of the year. So, she gave me some tips and I added a few that got me back to my original weight after putting so much time and effort.

Use the gym regularly:
    Okay, you’ve paid for the facilities, might as well make the most of it. The gym is a great way to lose all the buffet meals you’ve just consumed. Also, it’s an exciting hobby that will enhance your friendship with your classmates and your people watching skills. It’s a lot of energy, discipline, and will power, so always have your eyes on the prize and force yourself to get up, and work it.
    Eat some salad:
      I know a lot of people despise those green leaves, but they are probably the healthiest option we have inside the dining halls. Salads give nutrition, and keep your health in shape no matter the weather. Just think of it as ice cream each time you take a bite, and you’ll surely learn to love it. It was only last August when I started appreciating the benefits of veggies. Do what the cavemen do!
      Take your time when eating:
        If you were to eat buffet, chew your food 24 times before swallowing. I know that’s beauty queen routine, but you can try it. Also, bring a friend with you when you decide to much on delicious meat during the day / night. By eating at a slower pace, your stomach digests food properly and you will not get the bloated feeling. Lastly, take in small portions at a time. Do not scoop a huge bulk of pasta and eat it. It is best if you cut your food in to bits and pieces and enjoy it while it is there.
        Study, study, and study:
          By studying, your brain absorbs all that you’ve eaten and all that you’ve eaten will eventually vanish because of all your thinking and solving. My mom told me that if I study a lot, then the more likely it is that the food will not have an effect on my weight since the brain will be taking in all its energy. Try it out, it might just work for you. Besides, studying is what school is all about.
          Good luck with your meal plans, everyone. You’ll be fine, just don’t be overwhelmed with the choices (especially the fast foods). Enjoy the deliciousness and take time to appreciate what is in front of you.
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          Wardrobe Basics for the University Go-Getter

          What to wear?

          My suit has been dry-cleaned more times than my jeans have been washed this past few weeks, so I’ve decided it’s time to put my foot down and build a grown- up, mini-wardrobe that can get me through Student Government mixers, interviews and senate meetings. I’ve compiled a list of pieces for the girl that is constantly networking and attending events requiring business attire, or perhaps for the girl who holds an internship where business casual is expected.

          The Building Blocks:

          It all starts with a great-fitting pantsuit in black. Buy quality. You will undoubtedly be wearing this for a long time. If you find yourself trying to justify spending so much money for something that does not necessarily qualify as daywear, think of it like this: You will be wearing this when you most want to impress someone. Many will claim that looks don’t matter, but personal presentation speaks thousands about a person’s character. You cannot afford to look sloppy.

          Great finds are always a constant at Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, J. Crew and department stores such as Macy’s.

          Variety is the Spice of Life:

          Great additions to mix and match your suit would include:

          • A black pencil skirt that is preferably knee-length
          • A grey or textured blazer that would go well with your black pieces
          • A shift dress. Skip the spaghetti straps on this one, and make sure the straps are at least one inch wide. This dress can be worn alone where the occasion calls for business casual, but underneath a blazer for business professional attire
          • A cotton or cashmere button-up sweater (you choose the color here) for business casual attire. I think J Crew or the Gap are definitely the way to go on this one.

          The Foundation of the Foundation:

          So what goes on underneath the power suit? In this area you can have more fun, but here are the bare basics:

          – White, collared, button-up shirt.

          – A blouse in a fun color and in a nice material such as silk. Have fun here with bows and frills, just make sure it’s not too distracting, or worse, revealing.

          – A skinny black belt (if that’s your preference) to loop around your trousers when your shirt is tucked in. I find that exposed belt loops are distracting and look sloppy, so always opt for a belt if belt loops are exposed.

          – Underwear with smooth lines. Visible panty lines = distracting.

          – Black pumps. The experts say to keep them under two inches, but I say have a little fun. As long as you didn’t borrow them from a stripper, no one will think you are one.

          – Strand of pearls. Fake, real, inherited, or borrowed, these are simply a classic that speaks polished and sophisticated.

          – A white seamless cami to wear underneath a sweater, a slightly sheer shirt, or even underneath your suit when you’re in a bind.

          Bottom line is, although these cannot be qualified as universal college wardrobe essentials, they certainly are useful and even necessary for some girls, so have some fun with it!


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          Beat That F and Get Your Quatro Grade!

          Fail? Never!
          What do you do when you get your first F in college? A.) Cry your heart out. B.) Comfort yourself with ice cream and sweets. C.) Lock yourself inside your room until you’ve mastered the book. D.) Talk to your professor about your issue. E. ) Ground yourself by not going online on Facebook for a week. How about all of the above? Read here to survive and surpass your challenge in academics.

          Don’t fret when you receive your first low score on an exam during your first semester in college. You still have ways to cope up with stress and bring up your final grade! Just make sure you do your best and focus on what you really want to happen. As they say, if you want something badly, you can have it.
          CRY: I know it’s painful to see a huge red mark that says F, so it’s okay to cry your heart out to let the emotions express themselves. The pressure is on you to better yourself, so take time to let go of the experience of getting an F. Don’t worry, your family and friends will be there to cheer and support you!
          EAT YOUR FAVORITE JUNK FOOD:  Junk foods are comfort foods. You’re excused to eat them the whole day to make you feel a whole lot better. They are there to keep you company while you stare at your exam paper and tell yourself that you are going to do better. If your classmates can get a 3.92, so can you! No, actually, these junk foods will inspire you to aim for a 4.0! Remember, you can have more cake as long as you get an A on your next exam.
          READ, READ, READ:  Do not stop until you’ve learned and remembered everything your professor has told you for your next exams and the final! This is the way to go if you want to pull up your grades.
          TALK TO YOUR PROFESSOR:  It’s always a good thing if your professor knows your name and knows you personally. Tell him/her how you feel about the low grade so they will understand that you’re set on passing the subject with flying colors. They will definitely appreciate your drive to succeed and willingness to open up about how you feel. It’s also a way to ask for help with ideas or topics that confuse you a lot.
          CONFISCATE YOUR FACEBOOK PASSWORD:  You want an A, right? Stop going online on Facebook every hour just to look at your best friend’s new uploaded photos during the weekend. If you’re serious about pulling your grades up, it’s time for you to focus and plan your game!
          I know you’ll be doing everything you possibly can to attain your QUATRO SEMESTER!
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          What’s Worth Eating?

          Eat healthy!
          When you’re constantly on the go, it’s hard to eat right. Maybe it’s time to slow down a bit and think before you grab that fancy coffee drink. Not only do our dietary choices affect our body — they also take a toll on our skin. Check out these five super foods to help boost your health and improve the quality of your skin.


          Named one of the top super foods, this South-American protein-packed grain makes a great replacement to rice. According to InStyle Magazine.com, “quinoa is rich in B-complex vitamins, which helps stimulate hair growth and gives skin a natural glow.” Unlike rice, quinoa is also gluten-free which is great for those suffering from allergens. Quinoa is also a great source of protein, making it very popular amongst vegetarians and vegans alike. According to “The Southside Times,”, there are 11 grams of protein per one-half cup.”

          Goji Berries

          Packed with lots of vitamins and antioxidants, Goji berries are totally the new Acai berry. Also known as wolf berries, they are a brightly colored red berry found in China. With lots of Vitamin A and powerful antioxidants, WebMd.com reports that “Goji Berries help in cancer and heart disease prevention, as well as boosting the immune system.” Although the taste might be a bit bitter, put some frozen Goji berries in your favorite smoothie for an extra added boost.


          Actress Anne Hathaway loves her kale, so why don’t you? According to the Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment, “kale is low on calories and one cup of chopped kale provides two-times the daily recommendations for beta carotene, which is more than a day’s worth of Vitamin C, and six times the recommendations for Vitamin K.” Kale might be a little tough for some of you to swallow, especially if you’re not a fan of dark leafy greens. However, kale can be equally yummy. Try kale as a substitute for lettuce in your salads. Or if you are looking for a healthy substitute to potato chips, baked kale chips make an amazing and healthy snack.

          Kombucha Tea

          Sure, green tea is great for your health, but say hello to Kombucha tea!

          Made from tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast, Kombucha tea is rich in B vitamins, according to Mayo Clinc.com. The popular health drink has also been known for its wide variety of health benefits, including improved digestion and skin quality. However, Kombucha Tea has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Long story short, actress Lindsay Lohan got a little too attached to the drink, and blamed it for her arrest after failing an alcohol test. The beverage contains less than 0.05 percent of alcohol, so we’ll let you be the judge of that. With claims of improving skin quality, Kombucha has made its way into a lot of skin products. Splash some on your face if you don’t mind the vinegary smell.

          Coconut Water

          The coconut water craze has certainly gone celebrity with an endorsement from pop star Rihanna, but the beverage proves to be more than just a fad! According to The Huffington Post, “coconut water is fat free, low-calorie, and ideal for hydration.” Packed with electrolytes, coconut water is great for athletes as well. You can find this drink at your local supermarkets in lots of yummy flavors!


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          Single Bedroom 101 : How To Stay Happy in Your Dorm!

          Make your room a home!

          So you’re living in the dorm, but in a single room? No problem! You’ll still have a grand time despite being alone inside your dorm room. Think of it this way: You will have the room all to yourself. You can dance until the break of dawn, sing until the sunrise, and exercise until you’re feeling your abs! Here are a few ways to have fun even if you don’t have a sleepover buddy every night.

          Mingle with your neighbors – You need to find friends, so go knock on other people’s doors and spend time with them. When you’re bored, invite them over to crash inside your room. You’ll never run out of friends when it comes to your floormates!
          Study in the lounge – Another way to meet friends and entertain yourself is by studying in your dorm’s lounge. People use that as a common place to chill and chat. Plus, there’s a TV waiting for you!
          Move freely in your own room – Wear whatever you want to wear and do whatever you want to do. Stay up until 4am and no one will be disturbed. Hit Skye and chat with your friends back home!

          Eat out – You’ll find lots of people in the dining halls that you can have small conversations with. Also, it’s a good way to flush your boredom away. Eating makes everything feel better.

          Organize your room – make it look like your house. Since you’ll be having a lot of space, put in a mini library or add a sofa. You will be glad you’re living in a single bedroom for one year. Make the most of it!


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          Barbie Controversy: What’s Your Opinion?

          Too racy for kids?

          Barbie is always viewed as being the perfect role model for young girls, but what if we grew up playing with a Barbie that had tattoos?  This newest Barbie doll by Mattel and Tokidoki, has caused some discussion among parents as to whether or not the doll is appropriate for children. Is the new Barbie racy or stylish?

          Mattel collaborated with Tokidoki, a brand founded in 2005, that is inspired by Japanese inspired lifestyle. Tokidoki Barbie is sporting leopard tights, an off the shoulder black tunic with Tokidoki’s heart-shaped skull and crossbones logo, and a hot pink mini. However, what is causing havoc around the U.S is the fact that this Barbie has pink hair and tattoos covering her neck, chest and shoulders. Parents are concerned that the tattoos and pink hair are sending the wrong message to young girls.

          Growing up, girls believe that if Barbie can be anything, then so can they. The Tokidoki Barbie gives off the message that just because someone is different or changes their look, it doesn’t mean they’re suddenly a different person. It doesn’t mean Barbie can’t still be a teacher, a doctor or a fashion designer. With or without tattoos, Barbie is still Barbie. In reality, if as adults we get a tattoo or dye our hair it doesn’t mean we can’t live a successful lifestyle. Mattel made a bold move with this collaboration, and parents will eventually see that this new Barbie is relaying a good message.

          In defense of Mattel, the Tokidoki Barbie is a collector’s item only available for purchase online. It will not be available on shelves for young girls to see or purchase. For parents to be this concerned over something their six-year-old might never find out about is a little out of hand. Content director of timetoplaymag.com, Chris Byrne’s said, “At the end of the day, the doll does not model behavior…if you don’t like tattoos, it’s your obligation as a parent to not allow tattoos. Children will do things in play that they aren’t going to replicate in life.” Byrne’s is right. If your daughter plays with a Barbie that has tattoos when she’s younger, it does not mean that she is immediately going to get a tattoo when she turns 18 just because the doll had them.

          Parents need to come to terms with reality and the fact that a Barbie with tattoos is the least of their worries. Being different is more acceptable in this generation than it ever was.

          Want to hear more? Watch here: Tattooed Barbie Causing Controversy


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          Rock the Trend: Brightly Colored Denim

          Break out from those boring 
          denim skinnies!

          From brilliant blues to radiant reds, the colored denim trend is by far the most eye-catching style this season. Winter is fast approaching but these trendy jeans are just heating up!

          Colored Denim

          Brightly colored jeans first made their bold debut on the runways earlier this summer. They might seem a little too colorful for the coming somber autumn and winter seasons, but why limit yourself to your go-to cold weather ensemble of a heavy black pea coat and brown leather riding boots? Between frumpy snow-white sweaters and dark autumn tones, a pair of colorful jeans can add a dapple of color that’s otherwise lacking in a fall or winter ensemble. Here are some of my picks for the best in colored denim for this fall and that hopefully, you can easily incorporate into your everyday wardrobe!

          AMOST FAMOUS Premium Womens Skinny Jeans, $30tillys.com
          High Waist Matelot Jeans, $23forever21.com
          Bleecker Low-Rise Flare Twill Pants, $15delias.com
          Moto Green Seven Eigths Skinny Jeans, $76topshop.com 

          Women’s Jegging (Blue), $45ae.com
          Moto Tie Dye Skinny Jeans, $80topshop.com

          The trick to styling a pair of bright colored jeans is figuring out how to offset the color of your denim with a toned-down top and accessories. Choose from neutrals like black, white and brown colors. Pick a top that has a pattern to keep the eye busy from your bright jeans

          Many of these blindingly bright jewel-tone colors are actually fairly easy to style. If you’re a little unsure about wearing a bright color on bottom at first, start out with skinnies in a bright shade of blue – it’s close to your normal skinny jeans anyway and you can get yourself more comfortable with the idea. When you start to feel a little more bold in your colored skinnies, try playing with monochromatic color blocking. Try mixing and matching similar color palettes like rust high-waisted pants with camel suede booties or a striped blue sweater with teal skinnies. The key is to create a color palette which tones down the brightness of your jeans and fits them into a cohesive outfit. Have fun with colors! Brighten up your day with a pair of these jeans!


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