Fall Fashion: Equestrian Style

Stable goddess in no time!

With whimsical horse prints, bit and stirrup pieces, and tall riding boots, equestrian style has been trending for a while. But how do you ride the fine line between looking like you’re about to sip mint juleps at the stable — and looking like you’re about to muck stalls?

1. Plaid scarf $14.95 | 2. color block tank $56 | 3. velvet blazer $64.97 | 4. horse print blouse $60.34 | 5. bit necklace $53 | 6. black riding boots $99.95 | 7. collared lace tank $40 | 8. red blazer $68 | 8. satchel bag $59.95 | 10. tan skinny jeans $54

This fall, anything equestrian goes, which is a delight for me because I spent years of my life at the stable and showing my horse. Follow these tips for a sophisticated and classy, just-came-from-the-stable look.

  • There are a couple ways to achieve equestrian style, and these revolve around two different styles of riding: English and Western. For English, think show jumping, beige breeches, tall black boots, and velvet caps. Western is jeans, cowgirl boots, and flannels. If classy and preppy is your style, collect English-style basics.
  • A good pair of tall riding boots is your go-to, equestrian-style basic. Your boots should fit snugly up your calf and end just below the knee. Choose between black and brown boots, depending on your preference, and for true authenticity, get a pair that has pull straps on the sides (little loops at the top). You can spend anywhere from $20 for a pair of pleather boots to thousands for a pair of true leather riding boots.
  • The next equestrian basic is a pair of tight beige pants. For the most authentic look, get a pair of riding jodhpurs or breeches. If this is too Halloween costume for you, a pair of skinny tan/beige jeans or corduroys will give the same effect without going over-the-top. Wear your equestrian boots over your skinny beige pants.
  • If you’re wearing your equestrian-style boots and pants, you have several options for your shirt. A collared blouse or tank will mimic an English show shirt, and a blazer will look similar to a show coat. Most riders wear black, grey, or brown coats for shows. A red blazer mimics a hunt coat, which is a scarlet coat important riders wear during a fox hunt.
  • For accessories, most anything preppy or rustic goes. A plaid scarf looks great with an equestrian ensemble. Jewelry with horses, bits, and stirrups is currently popular and available for any budget.

Have you ever rocked the equestrian look? Are you a pretty English girl? Or Country Western?


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