Product Spotlight: Milani Mineral Blush

No skin tone is unmatched!

During the first month of summer, I spent countless hours in the beauty section of Target and other drugstores to find the perfect matte blush color. Although I thought it seemed like an easy task, I was very wrong. Everything I could find either had sparkles, or was too sheer to show up on my medium skin tone. I was beginning to think that my only option was to venture to the high-end brand side of Ulta and choose something way out of my budget. Never before have I had so much trouble picking out a beauty item! Until I discovered the brand Milani, that is.

I have to admit, I was definitely skeptical of this brand at first. I had heard good things about its eyeliners, but nothing about its blush. The packaging looked cheaply made, and I had already been on a long tiring hunt for a blush that fit my skin tone. When I saw the range of colors however, I knew I had to try them out. There was not even a hint of sparkle in them, and they seemed dark enough to look nice on all skin tones.

Out of the five options, I picked up Sunset Beach, a bronzy apricot color, and Sweet Rose, a purply pink shade. As soon as I tried them out, I knew I was in love. The color is easily buildable so you can dust on a light coat or really pack it on for a more dramatic effect. What I really didn’t expect with these blushes was their lasting power. The first time I used this product I was spending the night at a friends house, and accidentally fell asleep with my makeup on (I know, it’s bad!). The next morning, I was so surprised to find that my blush was still fully intact from the night before. It was amazing!

If you’re in a similar conundrum as I was and are unable to find the right shade, without shimmer, and at an affordable price, be sure and give these a try!


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